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Online Log Searches

Available here are online searchable log files from Dxpeditions or activations either directly mounted or supported by ODXG.

Currently available are:

  1. YJ0VK - Vanuatu 2010 dxpediton by VK3QB, VK2CA, VK3HJ and VK3CBV from August 26 to Sept 1 2010.  Approx 4000 qso's in the log.
  2. VK9LA - Lord Howe Island 2009 ODXG mounted dxpediton by an international team from 22 March to April 3 2009 - Approx 30000 qso's in the log
  3. YJ0QB - A holiday style DXpedition to Vanuatu by Chris VK3QB
  4. YJ0VK 2011 - Vanuatu 2011 DXpedition by ODXG with and international team - 14000+ qso's in the log
  5. YJ0VK 2012 - Vanuatu 2012 DXpediton by VK3QB, VK2CA, VK3HJ,VK3CBV, VK3GK and VK3GHM from April 21 to May 5  2012.  17412 qso's in the log
  6. VK9NT 2013- Norfolk Island DXpeditions by VK3QB, VK2CA, VK3HJ,VK3CBV, VK3GK, VK4GH, VK4IO, VK3IJ, VK3GL and K5YY
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