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ODXG January 2013 Newsletter

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January 2013

Dear ODXG Member,

Hello and Happy New Year. It has been some months since our AGM and I wanted to give you an update as to what's been going on behind the scenes.

Over the past 12 months or so, ODXG has been busy supporting a number of DXpeditions in the Oceania Region in a number of ways.

Direct financial support has been provided to the following:

  • NH8S – Swains Island
  • T2T - Tuvalu
  • ZL9HR – Campbell Island
  • 3D2C – Conway Reef, Fiji
  • ZK2C - Niue
  • H44 – Solomon Islands

YJ0VK Vanuatu – ODXG provides support

ODXG was the main sponsor and supporter of the YJ0VK DXpediton to Vanuatu last April. This was ODXG's third trip to Vanuatu and the team continued to improve DXing skills and build a re-usable kit of equipment and procedures. Making almost 17,500 QSOs with nearly 75% being unique calls and a main focus on WARC bands helped to get this entity into many logs.

For more information and pictures, stats etc, visit the web site yj0vj.odxg.org. A separate account of the trip will be provided – written by the members of the DXpedition and published in the Wireless Institute of Australia's “Amateur Radio” Magazine last year.


Chris VK3QB, made a holiday style trip to the Island of Malooloo Lailai IOTA OC-121 in Fiji. ODXG provided some equipment to make this an easy operation. Whilst there were not many QSOs, a number of IOTA chasers were able to get a new one in the log.


Lee VK3GK recently made a short holiday style trip to Norfolk Island. A more complete report of Lee's operation will be presented in the coming month.

Improvements in Back End processes

There is a surprising amount of work that goes into administering an incorporated club such as ODXG Inc; maintaining auditable records, a membership database, holding committee meetings and Banking. Here is a brief synopsis of what has been going on to make ODXG a well managed club

Membership database

Following a review of available products, ODXG Inc now uses a managed web service called GroupSpaces (groupspaces.com). This service is ideal for managing and maintaining membership records and makes administration tasks much less onerous than Microsoft Excel! This service enables us to keep track of member details, renewal dates, as well as sending group emails to members (this email is one such example).

Web Site Support

The committee thanks Allan VK2CA for providing web hosting services, as well as acting as our Web Master. The web site you see http?://www?.?odxg?.?org is the work of Allan – as are the web sites for YJ0VK – visit yj0vk.org.au . Since its introduction we have seen a significant increase in traffic visiting the site and trust that members find it useful.  Your feedback is invited.

What's next for ODXG in 2013 and the future.

Firstly, its been a busy time for the committee. Our communication to members could be better and we'll make an effort to update the web site more often as well as send newsletters via email.

We continue to build our DXpedtioning hardware kit and standard procedures. These make our trips to the South Pacific more successful and enjoyable.

In the coming 2 weeks we will be announcing a DXpedition to another South Pacific island; more news on this soon. Also, preliminary plans have commenced for a trip to a rare entity in 2014.

Should any international members find themselves in VK please contact the committee. We'd be pleased to meet you and/or put you in touch with some other local VK members. Also, if you are planning a holiday or lite DXpedition to the South Pacific contact us and we may be able to help you with logistical support.

Best wishes for a safe and happy 2013 – and good DX!

73, Chris VK3QB and The ODXG Committee