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18% year on year sales growth attributed to shift in digital marketing strategies. 89 demonstrators were sold across one particular 10 day campaign period

MCM Digital uses a unique and specialist approach to help Marketing Managers and Business Owners leverage all major digital marketing channels to cost-effectively and consistently generate more leads and sales at a lower cost.

Audience Targeted Marketing

When it comes to marketing, we believe nothing matters more than the audience itself. Who is your customer, what do they want, and how can you communicate with them in a way that compels them to take action?

Most agencies take a casual and superficial approach to these questions. We take them seriously. And we dig deep for real answers. Most of all, we aren’t satisfied until we have them.

Over the past 8 years the principals of our business have developed an exclusive process and proprietary software to build multiple, highly-detailed prospect profiles for your business. This gives you the ability to target the right person, in the right place, with the right message. We call it Audience Targeted Marketing – driven by sophisticated psychographic and behavioural profiling. It’s how we help our clients generate more qualified enquiries at a lower cost.

Our team handles everything including strategic planning, artwork creation, ad management, daily tracking, optimising and reporting, so that you no longer have to try to master everything yourself. We’ll save you hours of headaches and hassles and help you get the results you really want.

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“The geographic and demographic profile used by MCM Digital was instrumental in targeting the right market with minimal wastage. We now use MCM as part of our digital marketing for all developments.”
Unique and specialist approach
Nice Website, But Not Enough Traffic

It’s good to have a ‘nice’ looking website. But an attractive website does not always translate into results. Remember the saying, “Starving artist”? Sadly, lots of beautiful websites suffer this challenge. While they may have artistic appeal, they don’t have commercial viability.

While we strive to ensure your website is an expression of your brand personality, we remain steadfastly focused on results. Through the latest in SEO, Social Media and Pay Per Click Advertising, we deliver both form and function to ensure your website gets volumes of qualified traffic.

“We have seen a 300% increase in qualified enquiry from the very start of our work from MCM Digital, and those results have been maintained month after month for the last 12 months”
Traffic, But Not Enough Sales

Many companies and digital marketers get excited by traffic figures. But we see that as just one of the stepping stones on the way to results.

Others inform prospects with facts and features that help them know about your product or service. We dive deep into individual markets so we can fan the flame of desire that already exists, causing prospects to want your product or service.

Others educate prospects with statistics and studies. We use these tools to connect with prospects – to build trust and position you as an advocate who helps them get what they want.

And others leave prospects feeling satisfied – having gained the information they thought they were looking for. We leave prospects wanting more – agitated to the point of taking action, which results in conversion to appointment and ultimately sales.

“Girls Day Out” event, achieved over a 300% increase in booking and race day attendance on last year’s event after instigating a targeted online marketing campaign.”
Brisbane Racing Club
Tactics, But Insufficient Strategy

Tactics are critical. They are the activities that bring you results. But unless guided by strategy (big-picture-planning), they can actually bring you the wrong results.

For example, focusing on tactics like Pay Per Click Advertising can bring you a flood of enquiries. But unless guided by strategy, these enquiries may be unqualified. In this case the result is a sales team that is frustrated and exhausted servicing prospects who never buy.

A comprehensive strategy seeks to not only attract the right prospects but repel the wrong ones. This increases the efficiency of your team allowing you to invest time with people who are likely to buy.

The right strategy brings bigger, more lasting results, at a lower investment of time, money and human capital.

Too Much to Master

Do you struggle to keep up with (let alone master) all the latest online channels? You’re not alone. That’s why many marketers end up being a “Jack of all trades, master of none”. And most fail to leverage all the digital marketing channels available to them.

The team at MCM Digital has both breadth (across all major online channels) and depth (in each individual speciality). This enables us to leverage every opportunity to give you maximum results in minimum time.